The Ceremony Suite

From the antique hutch at the entrance, to woodwork on the walls, this room welcomes you and your guests in. When you book this room, all of the decorations come with it – so you can certainly decorate if you want to, but you don’t have to – and that’s a wonderful thing. The ceiling is stunning antiqued metal that will immediately catch your eye, plus the walls are decorated elegantly, and the understated chairs are simple and fit the room perfectly. For the front of the room it is decorated with white chiffon and lights which make your time up there magical. And did you notice that amazing stained glass light piece? Your guests definitely will!

We wanted this room to be perfect and romantic just the way it is, so that if you don’t want to – you don’t have to worry about decorating it. It’s your wedding (or event), and you don’t need one more thing to worry about – we’ve got you covered.

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